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Temerachi Coffee ExportPLC

Why you choose Ethiopian coffee?

Ethiopian coffee is considered as one of the world’s best highland coffees, which is 100% red cherry hand picking by local labors. In coffee harvest season more than 15million peoples attend in the production.

    Thousands of  indigenous verities coffee in the country. The total average products of Ethiopian coffee are organic. which is highly recognized with special character rich with original flavor and aroma.  Naturally high fatality soil, good temperature for coffee, beautiful land scape, balanced rainfall, topography, ecology, genotypic and cultural variety within the country.



washing station at Bensa
Aricha coffee farm
SCAJ  coffee festival
Temerachi Warehouse
coffee Red cerry
coffee red cherry
cupping session
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   Our Coffee Source

  • We produce and export different variety of coffee from different regions of Ethiopia.

  • We have coffee farms and process sites in Yirgacheffe. producing the best quality coffee based on international  standards .

  • Vertical integration with farmers in Sidama, Guji and Jimma regions.

  • We collect red cherry coffee from our single farm and purchase from outer growers. We give first priority for quality to satisfy  our clients. 

  • we are producing and exporting traceable single origin, premium  and  commercial coffee 



Kirkos Sub City Woreda 05

Bulgaria MazoriaHouse No. 459/7

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Business  Partner in  Japan

Selam Store Trading LLC

4-32-4  Asakusa Taito-ku, Tokyo



Alem Gena, Sheger Oromia , ETHIOPIA
Tell: +251911245503

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